Features made with natural Oklahoma stone veneer and pavers are excellent additions to any outdoor living space. Any project with high-quality natural stone will benefit from the material’s strength, durability, beauty, and low maintenance. While natural stone OKC can withstand any conditions, it never hurts to clean them occasionally to ensure that your home features always look their best. In that case, it helps to know how to clean outdoor stone.

Before You Clean

Whether you have a patio, fireplace, or any other feature, the first step in learning how to clean stone patio pavers is understanding the type of stone you have. For example, a porous stone like marble or granite will require more care and maintenance than other stone types.

The best stones to use for outdoor projects are durable, strong, and low-maintenance. At Richburg Stone, we offer selections of high-quality and non-porous limestone, sandstone, and bluestone, each of which is an excellent choice for outdoor projects.

How to Clean Patio Stones

While each building stone OKC type requires different levels of care, here are a few general tips for how to clean outdoor stone.

Sweep when Needed

There are different factors to consider when it comes to how to clean patio stones. For example, the more often you use your patio, the more often you will have to clean it. Keep your patio free from debris that may accumulate due to gatherings or weather conditions. Make sure to sweep following windy days, as this can quickly cause dirt, leaves, and other debris to pile up.

How to Handle Spills

Unless it was water, make sure to clean up any spills quickly. For most minor spills, rinsing the area with water is all you need to do. If something acidic spills, be careful to remove all of it as these substances can erode the stone if left too long. Of course, some substances are more likely to cause issues than others, such as something oil-heavy or with high levels of dye. For example, you may wonder how to get oil stains out of patio stones.

How to Get Oil Stains Out of Patio Stones

To remove oil stains, you will need to understand how to clean stone patio pavers beyond basic care. For oil stains and dried spills, water and supplier-recommended cleaner will often do the trick. Naturally, a little scrubbing is required. To remove oil stains from your patio stones:

  • Begin by blotting up the spill.
  • Scrub the stained area with supplier-recommended cleaner.
  • Thoroughly rinse the area with clean water.

Any products utilized to clean natural stone features should have a low pH to prevent damage. It is best to use products recommended by your stone supplier.

Where to Buy Oklahoma Stone Veneer and Pavers

To ensure that your new stone project is beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance, it is essential to purchase your materials from a quality supplier. At Richburg Stone, we have the best limestone, sandstone, or bluestone for any project. Get in touch to find your ideal stone.


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