Oklahoma City flooring stone and building stone are ideal for building stone steps. Whether you need to upgrade current stairs or install new ones, knowing how to make stone steps will help you plan the project accordingly.

How to Install Stone Steps

There are common methods for how to build stone stairs and how to build stone steps. Here are some of the basics of how to install stone steps.

Planning and Layout

First, establish the location, and measure the distance from the high point of the steps to the low end. Then determine the size of each step, setting the rise and run. (The rise is the height of the step, and the run is the depth.) Most people use an 8” rise and a run of 12”. The formula to determine your steps’ size is: the run + (rise x 2) = 25 to 27 inches. If you are working on a hillside, you can choose to excavate the earth to create each step

Base and Form

You will need a clean base before you can lay the stones. If the area does not drain, you will need to add a drain tile below it and make sure the base is above ground level. This is typically made with concrete or gravel. If you use gravel, you are less likely to need a drain. Then, you can construct a stair form out of lumber if you are not excavating the site.

Choose and Cut Stones

The next action to create building stone steps is to choose and cut the Oklahoma City flooring stone or building stone to meet each step’s rise and run. This is essential to how to make stone steps. Make sure to mark the size and shape of the stone before cutting it.

Lay Stones

Add an inch of mortar, and place the first stone on the base securely. This often has a broader run than the rest. Work your way upward, tamping each stone down securely while you add one run and riser at a time. Once the stones have all been laid and the mortar packed, your steps will need to dry for at least a week.

This blog is a general overview of how to build stone stairs and steps. If you have any questions about the Oklahoma flooring stone or Oklahoma building stone, please ​contact us​. We are here to help you find the best materials available.

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