Building a stone house is not a simple undertaking. If, however, you have the interest and the skill set, stone house construction is within your reach. Take the time to do your research on how to build a stone house step by step, and you will be able to complete your vision.

Building Stone House

There are several necessary steps to build a stone house. Before building a stone house, you must choose the stone and calculate how much you will need to order. An established building stone supplier can assist you, but you should be able to calculate a rough estimate.
Gather the length and height of each wall.
Calculate the width with this formula: Y = 2/3X; where X = wall height, Y = wall width
Calculate the volume with this formula: length x width x height = volume in cubic feet.
Once you have the foundation marked out, stone house construction begins by digging trenches following the walls’ outline. The channels should be roughly a yard deep. If you hit stone, you are at a good place, building a stone house requires the foundation to be below the frost line. You will want to add a drain trench about 2 feet away from the walls for a French drainpipe before building.
Build stone house roofing

Embed roof beams at the top of your construction. You can lay tree branches across the roof, going one direction, and fill in the gaps with mortar. For more durability, use plywood roofing sheets and a rubber liner as the foundation for your chosen roofing material.

How to build a stone house’s walls
Add gravel to your wall trenches before placing the foundation stones. Next, you will create a stem wall that is about 18 inches tall by stacking stones with mortar between them. During this step, make sure there are spaces for door frames and windows. Continue stacking the stones until you reach the height you want.
Build stone house floor

The floor requires clearing out all of the debris and leveling everything before placing a subfloor and flooring. Once you are done, install the doors and windows before working on the interiors.

When you know how to build a stone house step by step, you have invaluable knowledge. Of course, some professional builders can take care of everything for you, but constructing your own home has its own reward

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