If you are looking for flooring stones OKC, then you need to know the price of nature stone flooring. While natural stone flooring will not be the cheapest option available to you, there are many benefits that come with installing natural flooring stones.

How Much Does Natural Stone Flooring Cost?

Several factors influence the cost of stone flooring. There are types of stones that are more expensive than others when you look at the price of nature stone flooring options. Marble, for example, is much more costly than slate. Other factors that influence the cost of stone flooring are:

Location – The further away from the supplier you are, the more the delivery will cost. Buying flooring stones OKC is one strategy that will save you money. You might also see higher prices on stones that are imported.

Removal and Installation – Any stones or tiles that need to be removed from the building site will increase the labor cost, which means nature stone flooring cost per square foot will increase as well. Of course, the installation price will go up if there is any damage to the subfloor that needs repairing. Without any removal or structural fixes, stone installation can cost seven dollars to 18 dollars per square foot.

Cut and Style – Nature stone flooring cost per square foot is more for a larger cut. Additionally, rarer stones will be more expensive than those that are being discontinued.

All of these factors will influence the price per square foot, even when you are choosing from a single type of stone. For example, limestone flooring stone can range from $10.85 to 34.30 per square foot to install. It all depends on the stone you choose and how much work is involved in the installation.

The question, “How much does natural stone flooring cost?” should also factor in the product’s longevity. Unlike ceramic tile or linoleum, natural stone flooring has superior strength and durability. Not only will it last for years, but it also looks impressive. Flooring stones OKC will complement any style. Contact us if you have any questions or come see our flooring stones for yourself.

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