If you watch any reality show, you know that blending different styles together is always trending. One of the most popular conventions is the modern farmhouse look, and nothing says modern farmhouse like a fireplace.

Fireplace Surround Ideas

There are different ways to create a fireplace surround. Modern farmhouse fireplace surround ideas, however, requires incorporating contemporary elements with rustic charms such as wood mantels and accents. Nothing, however, can blend contemporary and rustic styles like stone. The material is natural and durable, but the colors and cuts have a very modern look.“

Stone Fireplace Surround Ideas

There are stone fireplace surround ideas to fit any location.

Stacked stone – Stacking your fireplace stone will help move the eye upward and give an impression of height and space.
Include a firewood stash – If you have space, consider including a firewood stash in your surround. Not only is this a great time saver in the winter, but it also adds another layer of texture that goes well with other modern farmhouse fireplace ideas.
Add some depth with color – There is no reason to make everything white with woodgrains. Greys and other natural tones can give a fireplace a bit of depth.
Once you have your stone fireplace surround, decorate it in a way that showcases its natural beauty.

Stone Fireplace Surround Decorating Ideas

Use art – Whether you want a home that is modern or more rustic, art will bring it out. A painting or sculpture on the mantel will speak volumes about your design style.
Update traditional looks – If you have a rustic fireplace, try bringing modern pieces to the area to refresh the space. If this does not work, you could update the stone.
Bring in character – You can see a classic stone fireplace as trash or treasure. Remember that bringing older designs together with new ones adds character.

When considering stone fireplace surround decorating ideas, you will find a wealth of inspiration. Your home should reflect your style, however, so make sure to include personal touches that will blend in with the modern farmhouse look.

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