If you are interested in exterior updates that will boost your house’s curb appeal and raise its monetary value, consider incorporating natural stone Oklahoma features into your outdoor space. One unique update that works for front- and backyards in almost every home design style is stone pillars or columns. This is especially true when you utilize high-end stone selections like limestone, sandstone, or bluestone.

Qualities of Natural Oklahoma Stone OKC

As fully natural materials, limestone, sandstone, and bluestone will contribute to your project through their many innate qualities. Some of the many benefits of Oklahoma stone OKC features include:

Design Flexibility

Because these stones are formed in nature, they are available in a range of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and textures. As such, there is sure to be a unique option that beautifully blends with your outdoor space.

Weather Resistance

When adding materials to your outdoor space, it is important that these additions can handle anything that nature throws at it. Natural stone can withstand anything from heavy ice and snow to extreme heat.

Overall Durability

Limestone, sandstone, and bluestone are strong materials, giving them the durability to handle wear and tear. As such, your OKC stone pillars are sure to last and will not degrade due to weather or extended time.

Low Maintenance

The strength, durability, and weather resistance of natural stone contribute to its ease of maintenance. Your stone pillars will not require frequent upkeep, such as repairs or cleaning, in order to stay beautiful.

Material Longevity

Each of these qualities, along with the natural processes that form the materials, will lead to its overall longevity. As such, your new limestone, sandstone, and bluestone outdoor design features are sure to last.

How OKC Stone Features Increase Your House’s Look and Value

The many qualities of natural stone ensure that your new stone pillars or columns will increase your home’s look and monetary value in the long term. Because there are so many design possibilities, there is sure to be an ideal material that will blend with your house’s current appearance or may inspire a new design style. The durability and longevity of natural stone will give the features a timeless beauty that adds value to your home.

There are many factors to consider for the stone pillars or columns to have the best effect on your home’s appearance and value. For example, will you use stacked stone, dry stacked stone, or ledgestone? Additionally, you may use whole stone for the entire pillar or wrap columns with a natural thin veneer stone. There is also the question of stone size, shape, and color. Because there are so many design possibilities, there is sure to be an ideal stone, or combination of stones, for your space.

High-Quality Natural Stone Oklahoma for Your Home Exterior

To update your house’s look and value with new stone features, it is important to source your materials from the right supplier. At Richburg Stone, our vast selection of construction and decorative materials is sure to include the ideal stone for your next home project, including pillars and columns. Browse our selection online, visit our Oklahoma City showroom, or contact us to start finding your perfect stone.


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