Quality Oklahoma stone veneer details will always have a striking effect. This thin decorative stone has many uses, for example:

  • Updating your fireplace surround with stone can give it a custom appearance and create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Beautiful stone feature walls are perfect for interiors, from entryways and living rooms to bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Any building’s exterior becomes instantly eye-catching and impressive when covered in quality stone veneer.
  • A feature wall can define your outdoor living space, especially if you have a matching Oklahoma stone patio.


If you are interested in updating your home or commercial building with any of these details, you will need to decide between using cultured stone or natural thin stone veneer.

Cultured vs. Natural Stone Veneer Oklahoma

To make the best choice for your project, it helps to understand more about your material options.

Natural stone is formed over time through natural processes. It is made into veneer by slicing quarried stone into thinner pieces. When cut from high-quality selections like limestone, sandstone, and bluestone, your veneer will have the strength, durability, longevity, and beauty that these materials are known for.

Cultured stone veneer is a manufactured material. To create this veneer, concrete and aggregate materials are pressed into molds. From there, it is painted or stained to mimic the colors and patterns of natural stone. This artificial material is sometimes used as a lighter-weight alternative to natural stone.

While these stone veneer Oklahoma materials have similar uses, they can lead to contrasting results due to their differences in appearance, installation, and price.


When it comes to the look of your finished project, natural stone veneer will have the best visual results. Although the design of cultured stone is inspired by the look of natural stone, it is still formed in a mold. As such, the variety is much more limited. Additionally, the paint or dye can fade over time.

Each natural stone will have a distinct color, pattern, and texture. There will be similarities between pieces if you use the same stone variety throughout, so your project will be beautifully cohesive. For example, a buff lueders feature wall will have the same overall color palette, but each stone has a different combination of tan and cream.


If you are planning do-it-yourself updates, you will likely consider ease of installation. In this situation, the lighter weight and lower density of cultured stone veneer may make it your ideal choice. This manufactured material is lighter, easier to handle, and does not require the same level of precision as natural materials.

This lighter weight and lower density also mean that cultured stone has decreased strength and durability. If you want your project to last, consider meeting with stone design and construction experts. These professionals can properly install beautiful natural Oklahoma stone veneer, ensuring that your project will look and perform its best over time.


Of course, the cost of your material is an essential consideration, especially for large-scale projects. Because it is a manufactured material, cultured stone will usually cost less than natural veneer; however, when it comes to this factor, it is important to consider more than the initial monetary price.

While cultured stone can crack and fade over time, natural stone veneer will outlast its artificial alternatives. This material has naturally high strength and durability, is resistant to fading and weathering, and has a timeless beauty. As such, using natural stone veneer can save you money over time.

Your Source for Natural Oklahoma Stone Veneer

Whether you are designing a new Oklahoma stone patio, planning home updates, or renovating a commercial space, quality materials are worth the investment. At Richburg Stone, our stones are carefully inspected to ensure they meet our strength, durability, and beauty standards, ensuring that your project will have the look and longevity it needs. To find your ideal natural stone veneer, visit our OKC showroom or contact us.


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