If you are designing or updating your home to fit the contemporary design style, consider incorporating charcoal lueders stone. This elegant and long-lasting natural limestone can help your space achieve the streamlined silhouettes and neutral, yet natural, look that this home style is known for.

What Is Charcoal Lueders?

Lueders stone is a type of natural limestone sourced from a quarry in Texas – and it is a material of choice for many design and construction experts. Lueders is well-known for its strength, durability, and beauty; as a result, it is very versatile, making it perfect for interior and exterior use. This stone’s wide range of colors increases its versatility; lueders is naturally found in buff, cream, core, charcoal, and more.

The “charcoal” variety of lueders is named for its medium- to dark-gray color palette. This Texas limestone in Oklahoma can be cut into various shapes and sizes without losing any of its structural integrity or visual appeal. Whether it is used as a whole building stone or as a thin natural veneer, it is an ideal addition to any home interior or outdoor living space – especially those featuring the contemporary design style.

Designing Spaces Featuring Contemporary Stone Oklahoma

Contemporary spaces are known for their clean lines and unique use of texture, which can add beauty and sophistication to any space. You can ensure your home features this design style by incorporating:

A Vast Open Floor Plan

Many home styles feature open floor plans – including contemporary design. Whether your kitchen and dining room flow together, your living room and home office are combined, or the entire floor is an open space, a seamless flow between areas is always appealing.

Using the right flooring material throughout the space will really bring the design together. Natural stone is an ideal flooring choice because it is beautiful, durable, and slip-resistant. As an added benefit, it is also very easy to care for, especially if you choose quality limestone.

A Minimal, Uncluttered Look

Contemporary spaces are sleek and serene; as such, they are often clutter-free. Of course, there are still interesting architectural accents and unique decorations. To help achieve this look, designers use a mostly neutral color palette but may feature some calm-toned or vibrant accents.

Textural details are especially popular because they can help enliven the place without leading to clutter. Natural stone is the ideal material for these. A lueders limestone fireplace and feature wall can be the perfect addition to your home, especially in a living room or office.

An Emphasis on Lots of Light

Large windows (often without drapes or blinds) are popularly featured in contemporary spaces. These help bring the outdoors inside while filling the space with natural light. Sleek, metallic lighting fixtures, like track lighting and floor lamps, add even more brightness.

Because rooms in contemporary spaces are bright and open, you can incorporate dark-toned details without it feeling overly drab. For example, you could feature black furniture or gray cabinets. Contemporary stone Oklahoma flooring, feature walls, and more are also ideal.

A Love of Outdoor Living

In addition to bringing the outdoors inside with an emphasis on natural light, this home design style also includes a focus on bringing the inside outdoors. This is achieved by designing a beautiful and comfortable outdoor living space that can be enjoyed year-round.

Quality stone is an ideal material for exterior updates – especially lueders limestone. From patios and fireplaces to feature walls and retaining walls, your outdoor stone elements will create the perfect place to relax and entertain. Of course, charcoal stone is a beautiful choice.

Your Source for High-End Texas Limestone in Oklahoma

If you are preparing to construct or renovate your home, the materials at Richburg Stone can help it perfectly meet the contemporary design style. Our selections of high-quality natural stones include many styles of whole and natural veneer limestone – including charcoal lueders. To start finding your ideal material, please visit our OKC showroom or contact us.


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