Whether you are building or updating your home, natural stone creates a beautiful landscape, stands the test of time, and survives Oklahoma weather. Given the number of different stones available, you have the opportunity to create any style you want. Take a look at the different options that you have.

Rock and Stone Oklahoma City


Limestone is ideal for your home’s exterior and has been a part of building Oklahoma for years. This durable building stone has a beautiful texture that allows masons to cut and shape in various ways. The rock weathers beautifully and has a timeless look.

Limestone can be used indoors, but avoid applying it to work surfaces such as countertops because it can stain with constant use.


A common building material, sandstone is an ideal rock and stone Oklahoma City. Over time sand forms the stone, making a material that can be easily shaped and cut. The stone’s popularity comes from its color selection and texture. The sand is reflective in the sunlight, and colors range from white and creams to yellows and oranges and pinks and purples. This is a stone that looks amazing anywhere.


A type of limestone, Travertine comes from hot springs and has been used since ancient Rome. This natural stone is pitted, which can affect its strength, particularly in cold climates. While some people fill the empty spaces to improve durability, they do create beautiful patterns.

Travertine is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It is a popular choice for flooring tiles, counters, and walkways. The natural colors range from greys to pinks and reds, complementing many different styles. Travertine is natural heat resistant, which works wonderfully in warm climates.

Other Options


Other popular stones are granite, flint, and marble.
Granite is one of the hardest stones, which means it will last. It has a grainy or spotted look that works in certain areas.
Flint is popular in the United Kingdom. The cut stone is easy to stack into patterns and comes in various hues
Marble is synonymous with luxury. While the stone is durable and comes in a variety of colors, it does require extra care and maintenance.

Making a Choice

When you choose rock and stone Oklahoma, there are several factors to consider. You want something that has the durability and strength to withstand the weather. You also need to determine if you are willing to provide the necessary maintenance. Finally, you must consider your color and style choices. With all of this in mind, you will be able to find the ideal stone for your home.

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