Contemporary stone Oklahoma can add a beautiful appeal to any living space. Contemporary stone can be incorporated in various ways to add a touch of modernity to your style, including indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Using contemporary stone for your fireplace opens up a world of possibilities, as there are many different ways to give your fireplace a unique, eye-catching look.

Best Ideas For A Contemporary Fireplace with Rock and Stone OKC

Stack Your Modern Stone

A critical characteristic of contemporary and modern design is maintaining clean lines. Contemporary natural stones, such as our Contemporary Pewter limestone, are usually cut and stacked precisely to give a uniform, sleek look. By stacking your modern stone Oklahoma, you give the impression of more height and depth in the living space while maintaining the clean, neat lines characteristic of contemporary and modern styles.

Mix Various Colors

Most people think of contemporary and modern design as being monochromatic. However, if using the same color is not your style, you can level up your contemporary stone fireplace by incorporating a mix of stone colors. Natural stone comes in various colors that can add a pop of color while maintaining a contemporary feel, including blues, reds, and browns. For example, mix the typical grey stones with the rich hues of New York bluestone to gain more visual interest in your space.

Add Other Elements

Most contemporary homes take inspiration from industrial styles. To add more of these elements to your contemporary style, try including additional decor and artwork made from materials like steel, chrome, and jute. Although these details seem minor, the elements will pair nicely with your contemporary rock and stone OKC for a spectacular modern fireplace.

Extend Your Contemporary Stone Oklahoma

Your contemporary style does not have to stop at your fireplace. Extend the clean, modern look and feel to maintain a cohesive style throughout your living spaces. Go with lighter-colored flooring stones, such as Contemporary Cream Lueders, to add beautiful contrast to a fireplace with a darker palette. Likewise, using your fireplace stone as interior or exterior wall cladding can tie a space together beautifully.

What About Outdoor Fire Pits?

If you do not have the option for a fireplace, contemporary stone fire pits are a great alternative. By using modern stone Oklahoma for your fire pit, you create a gorgeous space perfect for entertaining year-round. Likewise, you can create a seamless and relaxing area by extending your contemporary stone into built-in seating, landscaping, or patio flooring.

Discover Contemporary Stone in Oklahoma City

Whether for fireplaces, flooring, or wall cladding, contemporary stone provides beauty and appeal to any space. Of course, your contemporary stone should be beautiful and high quality to ensure it lasts. At Richburg Stone, we carry a selection of contemporary stones chosen with our quality standards in mind. Our contemporary stones can be cut and shaped in various ways to meet the needs of your project without compromising their integrity. For more information about our contemporary stones, please reach out to us or visit our showroom.


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