Whether planning home updates or designing a new commercial space, selecting suitable materials for every part of your project is essential. This is especially true regarding the building’s exterior design, as your materials must make an ideal first impression visually and be capable of withstanding damage from harsh elements and the test of time.

One material that is particularly popular for outdoor use is natural rock and stone Oklahoma City. Selections like bluestone, limestone, and sandstone are known for their many qualities that make each ideal for various exterior projects. These features include:

  • Stone veneer feature walls.
  • Wall cladding for the entire structure.
  • Patios and the surrounding outdoor living spaces.
  • Stairs, stepping stones, and pathways.
  • Pool surrounds and pool decks.
  • Fireplaces and fire pits.
  • Functional outdoor kitchens.
  • Retaining walls and custom garden features.

These stones have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, high-performance capabilities, and are overall sustainable. Because of this, any structural or decorative features made with stone are a worthwhile addition to any home or commercial building.

Qualities of Rock and Stone Oklahoma City

Aesthetically Pleasing Appearance

When someone visits a residential or commercial property for the first time, the materials featured on the exterior will help make the right first impression. Incorporating Oklahoma bluestone, limestone, and sandstone can help with this because these materials are known for their unique and beautiful appearances.

Each of these stones is naturally available in a range of colors, patterns, and textures, ensuring that there is a quality selection that will perfectly match any design style. Additionally, because the structural and decorative features constructed with rock and stone OKC will increase the building’s curb appeal, they can also increase the property’s monetary value.

Performance Capabilities

Oklahoma bluestone, limestone, and sandstone have many innate characteristics and capabilities that make them the ideal material for many exterior projects. In particular, the strength, density, texture, and porosity percentages are especially appealing to design and construction experts.

When selecting a building material, it is essential that it has the strength, weight, and durability to withstand any damage that may occur due to frequent use or the passage of time. High-end natural stones will have high compressive strength. They will also have a specific gravity between 2.4 and 2.8; this factor measures the stone’s heaviness and gives an idea of how strong the material is.

While texture may sound more closely related to its appearance, this quality plays a significant role in the performance capability of natural stone. When this factor is combined with the porosity percentage of natural bluestone, limestone, and sandstone, it leads to the material being highly slip resistant. This makes it a safety-conscious choice when constructing pool surrounds, patios, walkways, and more.

Overall Sustainability

High-end natural stone is a worthwhile investment because its longevity makes it a more sustainable option than its artificial alternatives. This is because the material forms over time in nature, which gives it the strength and durability to withstand anything that the elements can throw at it.

This natural formation process also ensures that your stone features will not fade, chip, crack, or otherwise lose their quality over time, reducing the need to repair or replace parts of your outdoor features. As a result, this makes your stone features easier to maintain; only minimal cleaning or sweeping will be needed to keep everything looking its best.

Your Source for Rock and Stone OKC

As a leading supplier of high-end natural materials, Richburg Stone will surely have the ideal Oklahoma bluestone, limestone, or sandstone for any project at your home or commercial building. To find the perfect selection, please visit our Oklahoma City showroom, browse our website, or contact us.


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