If you have a combination stone brick house, you might wonder whether you should build a brick wall or a stone wall. Building a brick wall is relatively straightforward, but there are different stone wall building techniques. It all comes down to the look that you want for your home.

Brick Walls

A brick wall is always constructed with mortar holding the bricks as they are stacked one on top of the other. Brick walls require a trench and foundation, and they need to stay level. If you are building with brick, remember that it retains heat, so be careful where you place it.

Building a Stone Wall

One of the benefits of building a stone wall in Oklahoma is its ability to remain cooler in hot weather than brick. There is a wide variety of OKC stone and rock to choose from when you decide to construct a stone wall.

Unlike brick, there are stone wall building techniques to choose from when making your deck. You can select a cut stone to construct a wall as you would a brick wall. You can also use irregular stone and mortar to build a wall with more texture and character. There is also the option of a dry stone wall.

Dry Sandstone Walls

Dry stacked walls are created without using mortar; they are self-supporting. Typically used in more rural areas, dry sandstone walls are perfect for properties with animals.

Begin by outlining the length of the wall and clearing the ground. You can use sand to help level things out. You stack the stones carefully like a jigsaw puzzle. Build them up by creating tight layers that cover any gaps in the layers below them. Pay close attention as you work to ensure that there are no faultlines or large gaps in your wall. Additionally, your stones should become narrower the further up you go.

Whether you have a combination stone brick house or you simply want to build a wall, our OKC stone and rock selection is sure to include something you love. Contact us for more information, or visit to see our stone yard in person.


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