A contemporary home design does not end with your home’s exterior. To create a seamless and cohesive aesthetic, contemporary stone Oklahoma can be used throughout your home and landscaping projects. However, it is best to know what characterizes contemporary design from its close counterpart, modernism, before shopping for natural stone.

What Is Contemporary Design?

Contemporary design often gets confused with modern design. While the two styles share some similarities, contemporary design has unique characteristics that set it apart from modernism. Modernism is a design style that rose in popularity in the early-to-mid twentieth century. As a precursor to contemporary design, modernism promotes balance. It is characterized by earthy color palettes and natural materials like wood and rock and stone OKC.

Unlike modernism, contemporary design is not affixed to a specific period. Rather, it is an evolving category that represents the popular styles of the current day. It is often a collection of elements from several styles, like minimalism and Art Deco. Though the contemporary style is hard to pin down, it frequently includes neutral colors and clean lines. Contemporary designers often combine materials such as chrome and steel with natural textures like jute.

Best Ways to Use Contemporary Oklahoma Stone OKC

Stunning Fireplaces

Contemporary stone is a beautiful addition to any fireplace, indoors or outdoors. Natural stone is durable and versatile, often used for fireplace mantles, surrounds, and built-in seating. The neutral color palette and distinctive texture of contemporary stones will make your fireplace the focal point of your gatherings.

Durable Flooring

Natural rock and stone OKC is a popular choice among designers and homeowners for contemporary flooring. Natural stone is long-lasting, with the ability to withstand the traffic of your busiest walkways. Likewise, contemporary flooring stone is low maintenance, so you do not have to worry about cleaning your floors constantly to keep them looking new.

Clean Pool Coping

Extend the design of your home with clean, contemporary pool coping. There is no need to fret about slipping and falling on your natural stone pool coping. Natural stone has a porous texture, allowing your feet to grip the surface, even when wet. The subdued colors of contemporary stones, such as New York Bluestone, can turn any backyard into a personal oasis.

Unique Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen made of contemporary stone is perfect for those who love cooking on the patio or hosting friends and family. Oklahoma stone OKC has the hardness necessary to resist cracks and chips. Likewise, contemporary stone is tough enough to withstand outdoor conditions like rain, snow, and extreme heat.

Beautiful Contemporary Stone at Richburg Stone

Natural stone is a stunning addition to your contemporary home design. At Richburg Stone, we have a specific collection of contemporary stone Oklahoma to meet your desires, such as Contemporary Cream Lueders and Contemporary Charcoal Lueders. However, many other stones in our selection would fit nicely in a contemporary space. Please get in touch with us for more information, or visit our showroom to browse our selection of stones.

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