Natural stone Oklahoma is the ideal material for a variety of landscaping features. In particular, a stone patio with comfortable seating is the perfect base for your outdoor living space. If you want to enjoy even more time outside, you may be interested in adding a built-in outdoor grill to the space.

Quality Outdoor Grill Designs with OKC Stone

L-Shaped Station

When it comes to built-in grills, an L-shaped station made with natural Oklahoma stone OKC is a classic design choice. This feature provides plenty of prep space and can include various other appliances like refrigerators or sinks.

Angular Designs

This style is a modified L-shaped station. Instead of one sharp angle, multiple wider angles are used to curve the built-in. This expansive design can hold multiple appliances and is an ideal option if you want to include bar-style seating.

Natural Shapes

Instead of the sharp angles used for L-shaped stations and angular designs, these built-ins use more natural, rounded shapes. This creates a unique curved design. When using high-end OKC stone, this beautiful feature will stand out.

Outdoor Islands

If your landscape has limited space, an outdoor island built-in is ideal. As with other design styles, your grill will be surrounded by quality stone. Instead of large counters and multiple appliances, it will have a smaller prep space on both sides (usually 1-3 ft).

Multiple Grills

If you have the space in your landscape, a built-in area with multiple cooking surfaces may be your preferred design. These features may be L-shaped, angular, or feature natural curved shapes. With any design style, your built-in can feature multiple types of grills along with smokers, pizza ovens, and more – all surrounded by high-quality natural stone.

Choosing the Right Oklahoma Stone OKC

Before construction begins, it is essential to choose the right material. Natural stone is ideal because of its durability, strength, and weather resistance. It is also available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. When it comes to outdoor features, three of the best stones are:


Due to the variety of colors that show through its unique grains, this stone is an elegant choice that blends beautifully with many design styles. In addition to this, sandstone is an ideal option for outdoor grill built-ins because it is highly resistant to heat, cold, and moisture (including moisture from acidic materials).


This stone is ideal for outdoor kitchens in Oklahoma because it can withstand harsh elements without fading, cracking, or otherwise breaking. Limestone has a beautiful appearance that showcases neutral tones, ranging from light cream to dark brown, adding a natural look to any outdoor features.


Because of its unique color palette that features shades of blue, gray, green, and more, this stone will make your grilling station the focal point of your outdoor living space. In addition to its beautiful appearance, bluestone is known for its durability, strength, and texture, which will make your project long-lasting.

Sourcing Your Natural Stone Oklahoma

At Richburg Stone, our selection includes beautiful varieties of sandstone, limestone, and bluestone. Contact us or visit our showroom to find the ideal material for your outdoor grilling station.


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