There are many benefits of natural stone for pools. Natural stone Oklahoma is the perfect material to use for pool coping as well as any connected stone patios. Since most pools are in-ground, choosing the best material for the coping to keep your pool safe and your space attractive.

Benefits of Natural Stone for Pool Coping

Why You Need Pool Coping

Without a strong and durable pool coping material, you risk: 

  • Water making its way under the shell of the swimming pool 
  • People slipping or cutting themselves on the pool’s edge 
  • An increase of dirt and debris falling into the pool. 
  • Pool coping also makes it much easier to add an automatic cover.

    Why Natural Stone?

    Bearing loads: Stone is a common material for construction. It will help the load of the pool walls while keeping them in good condition. 

    • Selection: There are plenty of choices when it comes to pool coping stones OKC. Natural thin stone Oklahoma is available in a variety of colors and textures. You can choose the perfect stone to complement your home or business aesthetic. 
    • Longevity: As a natural product, stone can handle the elements better than other building materials, including the extreme heat and cold that are so common in Oklahoma. Stone will also stand up to the wear and tear that automatically comes with having a pool, thanks to its natural strength and durability. 
    • Sustainability: As a natural resource, stones are free of many of the chemicals and substances that are found in other materials. There is no human-made waste with any stones. 
    • Style: You can easily customize stones to fit your design style. Cut them and lay them in specific patterns for unique results. 
    • Safety: The porosity of stone pool coping helps prevent the surface from becoming overly slick, leading to slips and falls.

    These are some of the benefits of natural stone for pool coping OKC. If you have any questions about how to choose a pool coping stone, please ​contact us​. We are happy to show you the selection we have available and help you discover the natural building stone in Oklahoma that will complete your outdoor space perfectly.

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