As a leading Oklahoma stone supplier, the selection at Richburg Stone includes a range of high-end decorative stone OKC selections that are perfect for any feature in a landscape, from patios and fireplaces to walkways and feature walls. This natural material is well-known for its strength, durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, all of which make it the perfect choice for a variety of design styles.

Of course, when it comes to creating your ideal landscape, you will consider more than the large hardscaping projects. For the smaller finishing details, such as the insides of flowerbeds and the areas around your stone pathways, you will need to choose between mulch or natural stone, such as our beautiful River Rock. The many unique benefits of decorative rock and stone OKC give it some advantages over mulch in many of these features.

Benefits of Landscaping with Stone

Decorative Rock and Stone OKC is More Permanent

If you spread mulch around your stone pathways or fill your flowerbeds with this light material, you can expect to repeat the process regularly (whether it is due to the mulch becoming too weathered, the wind blowing it away, or the sun fading it to an unwanted color). This is not the case when using natural stone for those same areas.

Natural decorative stone is a sturdy material – it will not crack or deteriorate due to the elements, its weight ensures that it can withstand harsh winds, and it will not quickly fade or otherwise lose its beauty. Although it can take more time to install stone features, its ease of maintenance will save you time compared to using mulch.

Decorative Stone OKC Features are More Safety-Conscious

Everything you add to your outdoor living space should help your landscape thrive and make the area more comfortable for you. In some situations, mulch can cause damage; termites may live in the material and spread to your home after it is unpackaged and placed in your yard.

Termites are not a concern when adding natural decorative rock and stone Oklahoma City to your landscape. Additionally, the material can help prevent weed growth when placed in flowerbeds, as there is less space for these unwanted plants to grow. Natural stone is also non-flammable, further increasing its safety.

Natural Stone Features Save Money Over Time

When it comes to the design of your outdoor living space, it is important to work within your budget. As such, using mulch may appeal to you because it costs less than quality natural stone. However, although natural stone costs more than mulch initially, you will not need to pay to replace it every few years, meaning that stone features will save you money over time.

Quality Decorative Rock and Stone Oklahoma City for Your Landscape

If you are looking for a high-end stone for your outdoor living space, Richburg Stone is sure to have the ideal material for any feature. Please browse our online building stone selection or visit our showroom to view our stones, including our quality River Rock.


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