If you look for stone supplies in OKC to add to your next project, you will find a variety of natural and artificial materials to choose from. While these types of stones can be used similarly, the distinctions between the two can lead to very different results. Before you purchase any stone supplies, you need to decide whether natural or artificial materials are your best option.

The Difference Between Artificial and Natural Stone Oklahoma

To determine which is better for your project, it helps to have some key information on the materials. Regarding their similarities, natural and artificial stones are used in homes and commercial buildings, both inside and outside. In terms of their differences, here is what you should know about:

Natural Stone

As referenced in its name, this type of stone forms over time through natural processes. As a result, many varieties of natural stone are very strong, durable, and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. The best stones for construction and decorative purposes will also have slip-resistant textures and ideal porosity percentages.

Many stone experts utilize limestone, sandstone, and bluestone for interior and exterior projects. Each is available in different colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes, so there is an ideal option for any project. Additionally, these selections of whole building stone can be sliced into thin Oklahoma stone veneer without losing any of their qualities.

Artificial Stone

In contrast to the processes that form natural stone, artificial stone is a manufactured material. To form it, concrete and aggregates are mixed and pressed into pre-formed molds. These molds ensure that each stone has a specific shape, size, thickness, and texture when completed. Following the molding process, artificial stones can be stained, dyed, or painted to mimic the colors and patterns of natural stone.

Choosing Your Ideal Oklahoma Stone Veneer

To determine which stone is best suited for your project, it helps to consider the installation process and the long-term performance of the materials.

Because natural stone is a strong, heavy, and durable material, any project featuring it will benefit from those qualities. Keep in mind that those factors also mean that everything must be strategically installed using proper equipment (depending on the project, this may involve heavy machinery). As a result, it is often best to work with stone experts to construct projects featuring natural stone.

Artificial stone has a lighter weight and lower density than natural stone. As such, it can be easier to handle, making it an appealing material for do-it-yourself projects. This also means that it has comparatively lower levels of strength and durability, so it will often not handle intense conditions and frequent use as well as natural stone can. Additionally, the artificial colors on the stones can fade over time.

Is Natural Stone Oklahoma Better than Artificial?

The question of which material is best for your project depends on the factors you prioritize. For example, if you want a one-of-a-kind feature and have the time to work with a professional, natural stone is likely your ideal choice. If you would prefer to design and construct your entire project by yourself, then artificial stone is likely a better option.

If your main priority is ensuring that your new features are long-lasting and visually appealing, natural stone Oklahoma is best. When you choose limestone, sandstone, or bluestone, your project will benefit from its strength and durability. These stones are also known for their beauty, which does not fade over time.

Find Quality Stone Supplies in OKC with Richburg Stone

As a leading supplier of quality natural stone, Richburg Stone is sure to have an ideal selection for your next project. To find the right material for you, please browse our website or visit our Oklahoma City showroom.


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