Natural flooring stones OKC add a sense of luxury and elegance wherever they are used. When selecting a material to install in your home or commercial building, you will consider more than the appearance. One essential consideration is maintenance and whether the required level of care will affect the usability of the space as a whole.

Key Things to Know About OKC Stone

There are many types of rocks and stones, each providing different benefits in terms of structure and visual appeal. The best OKC stone selections for flooring are limestone, sandstone, and bluestone. These varieties are ideal because of their:

Strength and Durability

Natural stone forms slowly while exposed to various conditions; this process makes limestone, sandstone, and bluestone strong and durable. The high compressive strength of these stones means that they can handle frequent use without breaking. The high durability allows them to handle the elements without fading or chipping.

Hardness and Weight

It is essential to consider a potential flooring material’s weight and hardness. The ideal stone selections for flooring are very heavy, meaning that they can hold anything placed upon it without sinking or collapsing. The right stones are also very hard and tough, so they can handle the wear and tear of daily use.

Porosity and Absorption

Your flooring materials must be able to handle exposure to moisture. Quality selections of limestone, sandstone, and bluestone have ideal absorption and porosity percentages, thus ensuring that their quality will last. When combined with the natural texture of these materials, your flooring will be highly slip-resistant.

Are Flooring Stones Easy to Maintain?

Because of their many qualities, Oklahoma City flooring stones like limestone, sandstone, and bluestone are very easy to maintain. Of course, these are still flooring materials, so they will be low-maintenance (not entirely maintenance-free). Our guide for taking care of flooring stones will help keep your floors looking their best.

How to Care for Flooring Stones OKC

Preventing Messy Buildups

As with any flooring material, regular cleaning is a must. For your flooring stones, this will involve regularly vacuuming or sweeping with a soft-bristled broom. This will keep your home or commercial building looking its best and help stop dust and dirt from getting stuck in the grout or any natural crevices. To capture even more dust and give your stone floors an appealing shine, you can wipe the space with microfiber cloths.

Occasional Deep Cleans

When you want to give your stone floors a deeper clean, you can start by mopping the area. It is best to do this with soft microfiber mop pads. If you use another cleaning tool, make sure to avoid anything abrasive. If you use cleaning products in addition to water, stay away from anything ammonia-based. It is helpful to ask your stone supplier which cleaning products are best for your particular type of stone.

Depending on your flooring style, you can finish your deep clean by removing dirt and grime from any grout lines or crevices in the stones. For minor buildups, a toothbrush or a small, non-abrasive scrubbing brush should be enough for the cleanup. For larger dirt buildups or staining, it can be best to call in a stone expert for help.

Your Source for Oklahoma City Flooring Stones

Richburg Stone is a leading supplier of natural rock and stone in the Oklahoma City Metro. As such, we are sure to have a high-end flooring selection that is perfect for your home or commercial building. To find your ideal stone, please visit our OKC showroom or browse our selections online.


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