Do you want to update your outdoor space with a new patio? For the best results, consider building an Oklahoma stone patio. People have been using stone as a building material for centuries, and there are many good reasons why it is still a popular choice. Here are a few reasons to consider stone.

Rock and Stone OKC Patios

If you visit our OKC stone showroom, you will discover a wide variety of stones available for patios. Since stone is very versatile aesthetically, you will see a variety of colors and cuts available for purchase. Of course, color is only one of many factors when it comes to choosing a building material. Here are seven reasons to consider stone for your patio.


No one wants to update their patio every year. Fortunately, when you use stone, you can rest assured that it will last for years to come. Stone has excellent strength, hardness, and durability to handle the Oklahoma weather as well as daily foot traffic.

Easy to Design

The properties of stone make it perfect for outdoor rock and stone OKC projects. As a natural material, stone looks beautiful outside, and it can be easily cut to fit the design of the patio perfectly.


Stone has a natural texture and porosity, making it ideal for flooring and patios. The coarseness you find on rock helps reduce the risk of slipping and falling when it becomes wet. A slick building material cannot offer this same sense of security.


An Oklahoma stone patio is the perfect place to entertain. Stone allows you to make it a simple patio with seating or one with all of the bells and whistles. Since stone is durable and resists fire damage, you can easily add a fireplace, fire pit, or kitchen. The choice is yours.


Stone is a very low-maintenance building material. Simply sweeping and rinsing off your patio will take care of your regular maintenance routine. Using harsh cleansers is actually bad for your stone patio.

The Environment

We have already established that stone is a natural material. This means that no extra dyes and chemicals are used to create natural stone. Faux stone and certain other materials cannot make the same claim.

Resale Value

The resale value of your home is one great reason to use stone in any building project. Buyers will likely prefer stone to other options as it is a high-quality and sought-after material. As a result, the resale value of a house with a stone patio will likely increase over time.

OKC Stone Showroom Collective

When you are ready to add a stone patio to your home, make sure that you purchase quality stones. At Richburg Stone, our relationships with local quarries and years of experience ensure that we only sell the best stones available.

If you need help choosing stones for a patio or any other project, we invite you to contact us or take a look at our selection. We are ready to assist you.


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