Many experts in the construction industry prefer working with natural stone tiles over artificial alternatives. It is also important to choose the best type of natural stone, options of which include Lueders limestone, marble, slate, Silverdale limestone, or granite. Because of its many natural qualities, Lueders stone tiles are a construction favorite; here are 7 reasons experts choose this quality stone.

1. This Texas Limestone in Oklahoma is Made to Last

Lueders limestone is a highly durable stone with the strength and load-bearing capacity to last through the construction process and general use. Additionally, it has a hardness rating between 3 and 4 on the Mohs scale, making it resistant to scratches without becoming brittle. These qualities mean that limestone tiles are made to last.

2. The Versatility for Interior and Exterior Use

While softer stones like marble can be scratched and are prone to weathering, this is not the case with Lueders limestone tiles. This stone’s formation process, combined with its strength and durability, allows it to withstand harsh conditions and the wear of regular use. As such, Lueders tiles are ideal for interior and exterior spaces.

3. A Uniquely Slip-Resistant Flooring Stone

Construction experts consider slip resistance when selecting the flooring materials for homes and commercial buildings, especially when working on kitchens, bathrooms, pool copings, and high-traffic areas. Natural Lueders limestone tiles have the surface texture and porosity percentages to reduce the risk of slips and falls, even in wet environments.

4. Quality Materials Create Low-Maintenance Features

A unique benefit that results from limestone’s strength and durability is its overall ease of maintenance. The tiles will not crack, chip, or otherwise break due to use, so the property owner will not have to make repairs frequently. This stone further reduces maintenance time as it requires only minimal, occasional cleaning to stay beautiful.

5. Lueders Limestone Is for More than Flooring

Cohesive designs appeal to many property owners; as such, construction experts will consider this when selecting materials. Lueders limestone is highly versatile. In addition to tiles for flooring, this stone may also be used for pool copings, feature walls, fireplace surrounds, columns, and more. This will create a beautiful flow throughout the space.

6. Charcoal, Brown, Buff Lueders Limestone, and More

Because of its natural formation process, there are many different variations of Lueders limestone, so there is sure to be an ideal color for any project. Two of the most popular tile varieties for commercial and residential projects are Charcoal Lueders and Buff Lueders limestone, both of which are available at Richburg Stone.

7. Limestone Tiles Are a Worthwhile Investment

Lueders limestone tiles are a construction favorite because they are a worthwhile investment. Any feature constructed with this material is sure to last because of its strength and durability. While these qualities are shared by Silverdale limestone, Lueders provides further longevity in terms of style. The stone is known for its beauty, making any design timeless.

Quality Texas Limestone in Oklahoma

As a leading Oklahoma stone supplier, Richburg Stone has the ideal material for any project. Browse our online selection or visit our showroom to view our wide range of quality materials, including Lueders limestone tiles.


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