Whether you are building or renovating your commercial space, natural stone Oklahoma can provide beauty in various ways. Natural stone quickly draws the attention of your clients and customers, offering an elegant and professional touch that is sure to leave an impression.

Oklahoma stone offers many benefits, including various colors and textures to suit your commercial aesthetic. Likewise, natural stones, such as limestone or bluestone, have excellent hardness and strength to endure everyday wear and turbulent Oklahoma weather. Natural stone is also low maintenance, as it only requires routine dusting and an occasional scrub with soapy water.

Commercial Uses For Natural Stone

1. Indoor Flooring

Natural stone is an excellent choice for indoor flooring in your commercial space. Because it is a natural material, Oklahoma stone OKC has a porous texture that makes it slip-resistant. Likewise, natural stone is incredibly durable, perfect for high-traffic areas such as waiting areas and hallways.

2. Sign and Statue Bases

Although a minor detail, using natural stone at the base of outdoor signage and statues will garner attention from those driving by. Opt for a stone with unique colorings, such as New York Bluestone, to add a pop of color to help your sign stand out.

3. Foyers and Entryways

Foyers and entryways are often the first features a client or customer will notice when entering a commercial space. As such, natural stone Oklahoma is a perfect addition to make a great first impression. Consider using a versatile stone option, such as buff lueders limestone, to create a timeless elegance that will match any decor style.

4. Fireplaces

If your commercial space includes a fireplace, natural stone can make your fireplace the focal point of any room. The experienced team at Richburg Stone has assisted in creating custom stone fireplaces for many customers. Likewise, we offer both full and thin natural stone to meet the needs of your fireplace project.

5. Interior and Exterior Cladding

Natural stone is an excellent option for interior and exterior wall cladding. Builders can create a visually appealing interior space using thin, lightweight cladding stones, such as a beautiful stone feature wall. Likewise, many natural stones are resistant to heat and various types of weather, so your exterior stone cladding will remain beautiful for years to come.

6. Restrooms

Because of its slip-resistance, Oklahoma stone is perfect for restrooms. Natural stone can withstand sink splashes and dripping hands, whether on floors, countertops, or backsplash. Likewise, natural stone is easy to keep clean, requiring only soapy water or a mild detergent to keep it fresh.

7. Landscaping

A commercial property’s outdoor appearance should give your audience a professional and positive tone. Natural stone landscaping can elevate your outdoor space. Laying natural stone tiles can create a unique walkway into your front door and bring your retaining wall or courtyard to life. The landscaping possibilities are endless when using natural stone.

At Richburg Stone, we have an extensive selection of Oklahoma stone OKC to make a beautiful addition to your commercial space. Let our team help you choose the right stone for your project needs. Please reach out to us for more information, or visit our showroom to browse our selection in person.


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