A quality patio is an ideal addition to any outdoor living space – especially when it is made with natural Oklahoma stone. The best selections for most patios include limestone, sandstone, and bluestone, which are known for their strength and beauty. These rocks are also very durable, which ensures those qualities stand the test of time.

Of course, to make your ideal patio, you need more than flooring stones OKC and their surrounding structures. Here are five additions that can help enhance your patio, turning it into your perfect outdoor living space:

1. Outdoor Furniture

By creating a cozy and inviting seating area, you can transform a backyard rock and stone Oklahoma City patio into a relaxing living space. Make sure the furniture is comfortable and sturdy. It should also be visually appealing and blend with your landscape’s design style.

One factor that is especially important in Oklahoma is choosing furniture that is capable of handling various conditions. Even if your patio is covered, wind can blow rain and snow in at an angle, so make sure everything is waterproof and able to make it through wear and tear.

2. Unique Lighting

You should be able to enjoy your outdoor living space at any time of the day. To make this possible, and to add to the ambiance of your patio, add unique lighting areas throughout the space. In addition to overhead lights (if possible), you could feature string lights or lanterns.

Depending on your landscape, ground-based lights can be added that lead from your Oklahoma stone patio to other features in your landscape. In addition to enhancing the appearance of the area, this feature can increase safety as people navigate to different parts of your yard at night.

3. Plants and Planters

Updating your landscape with flowers, greenery, and other plants is a wonderful way to enhance the space. In addition to growing plants in garden beds, you can put arrangements in planters. When the weather gets bad, you can then bring more delicate plants inside.

Plants do more than boost visual appeal; they can also increase privacy around the area. If your yard is open or your fence has wide spaces between panels, you can plant trees or large bushes around the patio. Once these grow and fill in, you will have a unique natural wall.

4. Oklahoma Stone Fireplaces

To create a space that is perfect for relaxing in the mornings, gathering with others during the evenings, and everything in between, consider a stone fireplace. These beautiful features have the strength and durability needed to withstand many harsh weather conditions.

The design possibilities are endless. For example, your fireplace can be built of stones that are the same type and color as your patio. You could also select a stone that contrasts with your flooring stones OKC, making your fireplace an eye-catching centerpiece for the landscape.

5. Useful Amenities

You will likely spend a lot of time on your patio, so it should be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. As such, when you meet with your patio designer or builder, discuss any amenities that you need to really turn this part of your backyard into your ideal outdoor living space.

There is a lot that you can do. Popular options include adding ceiling fans to covered patios to increase air circulation or adding retractable shades to the side of the patio to block sunlight. You can also choose larger projects, like adding a built-in grill or a fully functional kitchen.

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