Over the years, brick will fade, or you might not like the color of your brick home. One way to give your house a polished look is by covering brick with stone. So, can stone veneer be installed over brick? The answer is yes, as long as the brick is not painted and can hold a scratch coat. Brick that is in good shape will provide the structure that the stone veneer needs to hold up. This type of update has become popular in recent years. You can install natural thin stone over brick indoors and outdoors.

Stone Veneer Over Brick – Exterior

Natural stone will withstand outdoor elements much better than other products. When covering brick with stone on the exterior of a home, more effort will be necessary. Before the stone’s application, a waterproof membrane is required. Water that builds up behind the veneer will crack the stone when the weather freezes. This is not the result you want after putting in the effort of installing stone veneer over brick.

Stone Veneer Over Brick – Interior

Covering brick with stone on an interior wall will demand less effort than exterior work. The surface area will be much smaller for indoor installation, and the work should go faster since you will probably not need to weatherproof anything in your installation.

Installing Stone Veneer Over Brick

he first step to covering brick with stone is choosing your stone. The durability of natural thin stone makes it the perfect choice for any project. In the long-run, it will save you money. A building supplier will help you find the ideal stone.

The next step is to prepare the brick by cleaning away dirt and oils. Water or sandblasting are quick methods. Once it is clean, make sure that the stone is not crumbling, and add a metal lathe to the brick. You can also install a cement board to the brick, which will allow you to add the stone immediately. Finally, you add a scratch coat with mortar. It provides the rough surface the stone needs to adhere to the brick wall.

Stone veneer is an easy upgrade, and it will not have the same stability as building stone does. Carefully consider your needs before making a decision. Covering brick with stone can be done by you or a professional. If you do install your own stone, make sure that you use all the necessary materials to preserve your work.

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