How to Install Stone Veneer Fireplace Surround

Oklahoma stone veneer is a wonderful way to update an old fireplace and bring new life into any space. Natural thin stone veneer has the same properties as building stone, but the lighter weight makes it perfect for indoor projects such as fireplace updates or feature walls. 

How to Put Stone Veneer on a Fireplace

The process of installing stone veneer fireplace depends on the structure that you have. If your structure is sound, all you need to do is install the stone veneer over the stone or bricks already there. 

If you have a brick fireplace, it is possible to sand the brick down, so it is porous and able to hold the stone veneer around fireplace surfaces. You will need a metal lath for any other surface. Many people choose to use a lath for brick as well. Here are the steps to installing stone veneer fireplace with a lath.

  • Lath – Apply builders felt to the surface before securing the metal lath. Make sure that the felt overlaps and the mesh is bent straight around the edges. 
  • Scratch Coat – Before placing stone veneer around fireplace, you need a scratch coat. Add about ½ inch of mortar to the surface to lath using a trowel. Once this is done, comb the surface to roughen it. A notched tiling trowel is helpful with this step. 
  • Plan – When you consider how to install stone veneer fireplace surround, establishing a stone pattern comes to mind. Layout your stones before installing them, so you know how they will look and if you need to cut anything. Start at the corners. 
  • Score and Cut – Score your corner pieces to ensure you have clearance for the project. Once your stones are scored, they are ready to cut.
  • Moisten and Install – Begin installation with the corner pieces above the header. Moisten the stone before applying ½ inch or more of the mortar. Press the stone onto the surface till it adheres to the scratch coat. 
  • Clean – Use a broom or other tool to clean off the joints. Allow the mortar to dry.
  • Complete – Fill in the joints with your grout, and clean the surface one it is fully cured.

All of these steps are how to put stone veneer on a fireplace. Of course, it is always easier to hire a professional to install your Oklahoma stone veneer. If you have any questions about Oklahoma building stone or Oklahoma stone veneer, please reach out or visit our showroom.


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